Kansa Facial Wand


Benefits of massaging with the Kansa Facial Wand:

  • Helps to promote healthy collagen and elastin
  • Can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases circulation, blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Brightens and helps to give a natural glow to the skin
  • Helps to tone and firm the skin and muscles
  • Relieves stress and is relaxing for the whole body
  • And much more!


What it is:

Kansa means ‘bronze’. It is a combination of approximately 80% copper and with the rest mainly tin and and other trace metals such as zinc. This gives the Kansa wand so many potent therapeutic properties and is sacred in Yoga and  Ayurveda. Finding this metal dates back to over 3000 BC.

Massaging with the Kansa Wand boosts, tones, rejuvenates and gives your skin and facial muscles a full work out.  Just as regular exercise can keep you looking healthy and toned, so can regular face massages.

We have carefully chosen our Kansa Wand supplier and made sure they are reputable. Our Kansa Facial Wand is of the highest quality.

For best results we recommend using Bestow The Graces Soothing or Nourishing Massage oil when massaging with the Kansa Facial Wand.