Your skin is the largest organ and one of great importance. It reflects your life. Our liver and digestive tract removes toxin build up but when there is too much toxins in our bodies it will lead to inflammation and eventually come out through the skin. That is why we have created the 12 weeks ‘Heal Skin Within’ coaching programme. During this programme we will coach, support and encourage you to help you make the right choices with your diet, lifestyle, self-care and topical skincare. Plus, to help fast track your results, we include bespoke facials, Dermaviduals skincare, Bestow Beauty nutrition and loads of educational info on how to best take care of your skin from within!

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Heal Skin Within Coaching Programme includes


  • A comprehensive Holistic Skin Assessment with Priya
  • 4 x Skin Health check-ins with Priya
  • Text and email support throughout the 12 weeks
  • The Gut-Skin Connection Book 
  • Bestow Beauty Plus Oil
  • Bestow Gut Love plus
  • Bestow Beauty From Beneath
  • Bestow Dry Bristle Brush 
  • Samsara Organic Sesame or coconut Oil for your wellness rituals
  • A 12 week customised prescription for topical skincare and skin nutrition (soaking cloth, cleanser, moisturiser and sun care) 
  • Education about what foods and drinks are heating and what foods are congesting and their effect on skin. Plus what foods are the best alternatives that nourish, cool and decongest the skin.
  • Education on how to support the proper functioning of the liver
  • Bestow Treats I recipe books to help you make delicious healthy sweet treats
  • A wellness tip or self-care ritual each session
  • An Enzyme Facial as an early reward for your dedication to the process and to kick start your results.
  • 1 x Bespoke 60 min Facial and 1 x 75 minute Samsara Signature Bespoke Facial. These facials are tailor made for your unique skin condition and help to treat your skin both topically and mindfully. Our expert hands allow you to drift into a state of bliss. It is only when you can truly relax that the real transformation begins.



You will meet with Priya at Samsara five times over twelve weeks.  Three of these five sessions will be followed by a Bespoke Facial to intensify your skin transformation process.

Holistic Skin Health Assessment (60 mins)

Prior to coming for your initial consultation you will complete our comprehensive Holistic Skincare Online Questionnaire. Priya will review this prior to your visit and prepare a topical and internal skincare prescription which she will introduce in your session. We will use our OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Tool to take a look at your skin at a cellular level, layer by layer. This also allows us to easily and accurately track your results.

Your Skincare Routine
Priya will give you your 12 week customised prescription and take you through your skincare routine.

Skin Nutrition and Supplementation
Priya will introduce you to the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, Gut Love, Beauty From Beneath and Gut Skin Connection Book. She will explain why they are foundational for skin health.  She will also introduce you to the concept of heating and congesting foods and drinks plus liver loaders and why we recommend you avoid them for the next 12 weeks. The Gut Skin Connection provide delicious recipes based on skin-friendly alternatives. 

Wellness Self-Care Ritual 

Priya will introduce your first simple wellness tip that works on detoxifying your gut.

30 Min Bespoke Facial

This facial is fully customised to your individual skin type and conditions. It fast tracks your results by boosting hydration and kicks of your healing skin journey. Please note some skins are not ready for a facial on their first session and in this case we will introduce this facial when your skin is ready.

Skin Health Check-In (30 mins)
Priya will debrief your skin nutrition, topical skincare and wellness tip. She will also introduce any follow-up skincare products (if needed) to be followed for the remainder of the programme. Plus answer any questions you have.

Wellness Self-Care Ritual 

Priya will introduce a new simple wellness tip. This will further work on drawing out toxins and detoxifying your gut.

Skin Health Check-In (30 mins)
Priya will review all aspects of your programme and check in with you how things are going.  A new wellness ritual and Bestow Treats recipe book will be given.

Enjoy this beautiful facial as a reward for your dedication to the journey so far.

Skin Health Check-In (30 mins)
By now you’ll already be noticing changes to your skin.  Challenges may also have arisen which Priya can help you with as well as providing fresh recipes or routines to keep things on track if needed. Priya will review all aspects of your topical, skin nutrition and supplementation programme.  Dietary changes can sometimes require dedication at this point when the novelty has worn off.  Fresh recipes and routines can be an asset here. 

Wellness Self-Care Ritual 

A new wellness ritual will be introduced.

Skin Health Check-In (30 mins)
This last session will be a chance to celebrate your skin changes and to consolidate the wellness habits that have made them possible.  Priya will discuss how you can maintain your skin healing progress by interweaving food, skincare and lifestyle changes into your daily routines. This will ensure your wellbeing changes are sustained long after the programme is finished.  You’ll receive an updated recommended prescription for Dermaviduals skincare, Bestow skin-nutrition and wellness self-care rituals

Wellness Self Care Ritual 

Your last wellness ritual will be introduced


By now your skin will be strong enough to really take advantage of the benefits of the intense hydration and powerful actives this facial offers. This facial is a treat for the skin, body and mind complete with hydrating actives and deeply relaxing face, neck and décolletage, hand/arm or scalp massage. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the well-being changes you have made to heal and transform your skin.

Sounds amazing! What next?

Simply book a free 15-minute pre-programme consultation now with Priya by simply clicking the BOOK NOW button. Or by calling 09 489 9236. This consultation gives you a chance to meet Priya, experience the Samsara environment and ask any questions before committing to the programme.