Skin & Beauty Packages

Treat yourself or a friend to pure relaxation, with one of our value skin & beauty packages

2 hours 15 min Luscious Mummy Package $335 (save $20)

This is an ultimate escape designed for mums, aunties grandma’s or motherly figures needing much deserved restoring. This divine package starts off with a Indian Head Massage and 45 minute Vakti Lower Leg and Foot Massage. We then take this package to the next level by treating your skin to a 60 minute Signature Bespoke Facial. This is the ultimate ‘self-care’ package that is absolutely needed for easing aches and pains, deep relaxation and a more healthier, relaxed and radiant you.

2 hours 15 min Ayurvedic Kansa Vakti Foot & Facelift Facial Package $350 (save $25)

The ultimate package to holistically treat your skin, body, mind and spirit.

1 hour 45 min Ayurvedic Kansa Vakti Foot & Facelift Massage Package $255 (save $20)

Combining these two treatments, will leave you saying “could life get any better?”


1 hour 45 min Samsara Skin, Body & Mind Package $247 (Save $18) 

Start your heavenly Skin, Body & Mind Package with 30 mins of totally relaxing and nourishing hair and scalp Indian Head Massage. Next enjoy a 60 min Samsara Bespoke Facial and finish off with a stunning eyebrow sculpt.


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