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Advanced Hair Removal Treatment North Shore

Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of permanently reducing hair and fine red veins. For hair we use the dual blend technique of direct current and high frequency which destroys the hair follicles. This works on any colour or type of hair! With every treatment hairs become sparser, finer and softer. For fine red veins high frequency current works by cauterising the capillary network allowing you to see visible results immediately.

An initial consultation is necessary to determine if electrolysis is best suited for your concerns. Or if you are a first-time client but have had electrolysis before. We will explain the technology, treatment plan, expected results, aftercare and provide you with a quote.

Electrolysis consultation 15 min complimentary

15 min red vein only $55

10 min (minimum charge) $30

15 min $40

20 min $47

30 min $65

45 min $80

1 hour $105



Waxing at Affordable Prices on the North Shore & Auckland

For women and men. We use the very best quality soothing hygienic warm and hot wax. Treat yourself on two areas at one appointment and receive $5 off or three or more areas and receive $10 off. Includes gentle exfoliation and pure nourishing, calming aftercare.

45 min Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms $119

60 min Full Back, Chest & Stomach $100

30 min Full Back & Shoulders $81

45 min Brazilian $75 (1st time or over 6 weeks)

60 min Full Leg $70

30 min Full Back or Chest & Stomach $65

30 min Brazilian Maintenance $60

Having regular Brazilian maintenance means having your wax every 4-6 weeks. The advantages of this is a more comfortable treatment, quicker treatment time and you will save money! We use superior professional quality Adam and Eve hygienic hot wax.

Full Face Wax (save $25) $60

25 min Extended Bikini $50

30 min Full Arm Wax $50

45 min 3/4 Leg $55

45 min Lower Leg $40 (includes gentle exfoliation and pure, nourishing after care oil)

20 min Half Arm Wax $32

15 min Underarms $32

15 min Bikini Line from $35

15 min Upper Lip and Chin or brows $35

15 min Upper Lip $25

15 min Chin $25

15 min Sides of Face $26

10 min Back of Thighs $22

10 min Nostril Wax $15


This is an ideal option if waxing or electrolysis are not the right option for you. Bleaching will lighten the hair on your face or body making it less visible.

Treatments start from $25


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