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When you are putting in place more space and time in your life to maintain a healthy skin, body and mind, you need to start preparing. You have to put into practice healthy ways and steps to achieve this. This is why we have curated our simple Samsara Skin Fit | Membership Program. This gives you the benefits of getting more Samsara treatments for less!

Getting started is very simple. Just click the button below or you speak to us in clinic.

Samsara Skin Fit | Membership Programme

Level 2 | Skin Fit Membership

Prepay $1,400 and receive 15% off all treatments $120 and over

Level 1 | Skin Fit Membership

Prepay $850 and receive 10% off all treatments $120 and over

Save with prepay

Original 15% off 10% off
Bright Even and Clear Skin Package
(Includes CIT, Epi Nouvelle Face Mask and LED Glow Facial).
$515 $437.75 $463.50
Collagen Induction Therapy $310 $280.50 $297
60 min Tone Sculpt & Release Facial $255 $184.50 $229.50
45 min Tone Sculpt Release Massage $205 $174.25 $184.50
90 min Ayurvedic Face Lift Facial $220 $187 $198
75 min Ultimate Bespoke Facial $190 $161.50 $171
60 min Bespoke Facial $155 $131.75 $139.50
60 min LED Glow Facial $135 $114.75 $121.50
60 min Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage $135 $114.75 $121.50
60 min Hair Electrolysis Senior Director $130 $110.50 $117
75 min Makeup Tutorial $125 $117 $112.50

Terms and Conditions

Samsara Skin Fit Memberships can only be used for treatments $120 and over to receive the 10% or 15% discount. Cannot be used with any other promotion, package, programme or discount offer. Cannot be used in conjunction with a gift voucher. Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase Samsara Skin Fit Membership.

OBSERV Skin Diagnostic

This is one of the best and latest technologies to look at your skin accurately. You and your trained skin therapist can actually see what is going on beneath the surface of your skin.

Based upon LED illumination technology revealing hidden skin conditions and concerns with unparalleled clarity.

An invisible UV light is projected onto the facial skin. Then different cells and skin tissues in different conditions create different fluorescent illumination patterns. Consequently, skin impairments and conditions which previously could hardly be seen by the naked eye, now clearly stand out from normal healthy skin tissue.

This allows your skin therapist to accurately diagnose, set realistic goals, outcomes, educate and recommend the best possible Samsara Skin Fit programme No guess work here!

Click the button and book today to see one of our trained corneotherapist for your holistic skin assessment. During this time we can discuss what options suit you best for you to gain confidence and love your skin for a lifetime! We record your visuals on an iPad attached to the OBSERV device in the privacy of the treatment room. It takes just 30 seconds to record 6 images!

We then invite you and the therapist to continue the discussion and holistic skin assessment.

Once you have started your skin journey with us we are able to quickly track your results consistently and accurately by providing you before and after pictures. We can then email them to you.


Observ skin diagnostic (click to view)


What is Corneotherapy?

In 1960’s Research Dermatologists discovered the fact that maintaining the skins “protective barrier” with essential treatments and specific products was the critical factor in preventing many common skin conditions. The strategy was then coined Corneotherapy by Prof. Dr. Albert Kligman.

The simplest way to understand Corneotherapy is to compare your skin to the roof of your house. Everything contained in your house such as your furnishings equivalent to the skin bi-layers, cells and underlying tissues.  If you have a roof that is damaged in any way, outside elements will penetrate the roof and ravage the contents of your house allowing damp,mold and rot to take over. Corneotherapy is an “outside- in” therapy, where “outside” is the roof of your skin and “in” are the therapeutic effects starting at the roof and working their way into the deeper layers.

For those who love to better understand the science behind Corneotherapy, it is all about repairing the skins outer-most layer, the stratum corneum and, above all, improving and preserving the barrier function which directly impacts the health of your skin cells, prevents persistent skin conditions and balances the entire skin system. Getting this right is certainly critical to achieving and maintaining healthy youthful skin….long term! And getting it right is why we use Dermaviduals exclusively for all Samsara Facials, Homecare and Samsara Skin Fit.

Dermaviduals is totally unique in that it is the only true Corneotherapuetic, fully customisable Skincare Range. It is free from skin barrier disrupting ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals such as emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, colours, amines, mineral oils and silicones.  Each Dermaviduals Prescription is customized to mimic each Clients unique skin physiology as well as specialized skin needs. Getting this right ensures optimal penetration of all active ingredients and the most effective treatment of skin conditions such as premature ageing, pigmentation, redness, rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Most of our Clients notice a huge change in how their skin looks and feels once we diagnose their Skin type and Priority Skin Condition, and get them started on the best bespoke skincare Treatment and Product plan. Just by finding out what is the cause of their skin issues and eliminating products and lifestyle triggers that contribute to damaging their skin. We see significant improvements in our clients skin and how they are feeling about themselves. That’s the part we love the most!!!


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