Massage Therapy & Body Treatments North Shore

Massage & Body

For centuries, many cultures have used massage and body treatments for relaxation, stress management, skin rejuvenation and pain relief. It is beneficial for the balance between inner and outer beauty. Melt into a place of deep tranquility in the healing hands of our expert therapists.

Therapeutic or Blissful Mummy Massage

60 min $99

45 min $84

30 min $64

30 min Indian Head Massage $64

This is an ancient Ayurvedic Massage using a blend of coconut, dilo and moringa oil.  Melt away is this deeply relaxing head, scalp, neck and shoulder massage whilst your hair gets nourished and revitalised! This massage balances the energy flow in the body allowing you to fully let go.

Affordable Massage Therapy North Shore

45 min Fiji Spice Queen Sugar Glow $89

A beautiful full body scrub using fair grade sugar and a blend of coconut, moringa and dilo oil to gently remove dry, rough and old skin cells. This treatment also has the added benefit of improving the lymphatic system by taking away toxin build up within the body.

Our Massage Therapy Treatments in North Shore

We offer a range of massage therapy treatments at Samsara Medispa in North Shore. Each one will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which massage therapy to choose, however, as our team is here to help. We’ll be able to give you advice on the best option to choose based on what you like and what you want the massage to do. Contact us today.

The Massage Experience

Our aim at Samsara Medispa is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you walk in the door. You will be greeted with a warm smile and given directions on what you need to do before the massage.

The treatment room itself is tastefully decorated in calming tones, and our massage therapists are friendly and helpful. They will explain the treatment and will answer any questions you have before beginning.

Throughout the massage, we want you to feel comfortable so you can get the full benefit from the experience.

Taking Care of Your Wellbeing

Massage can help with your physical and mental wellbeing, plus it can make your skin look and feel fantastic. All the oils, scrubs, and products we use during our massages are made with natural ingredients, and we don’t use anything that has been tested on animals.

So, for the best massage therapy in North Shore, book an appointment with us at Samsara Medispa today. Choose from a therapeutic massage, an Indian head massage, our Blissful Mummy Massage, or our wonderful Fiji Spice Queen Sugar Glow treatment.


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