elos IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

We are proud to offer the elos eLight by Syneron Candela. This is a safe and effective dermatological system based on the combination of two different types of energy – optical and radio frequency. Both these energies complement each other. Together they provide selective treatment to a variety of concerns. Including permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, sun damage and red veins. Syneron Candela is one of the best known technologies in IPL. Laser and is world renowned to offer long term visible results for all skin types and colours.  A consultation is necessary to determine if the elos IPL treatment is best suited for your concerns.


elos IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Hair Reduction

Permanently reduce hair and say goodbye to constant shaving, waxing and ingrown hairs!

elos IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Skin Rejuvenation

Reduce pigmentation, red veins and rejuvenate your skin.

30 min elos elight Consultation and Quote complimentary

(We will explain the technology, treatment plan, expected results, aftercare and provide you with a quote.)


Programme Offer Hair Reduction – Purchase 6 treatments of one area and get 2 free!

Programme Offer Skin Rejuvenation – Purchase 4 treatments of one area and receive 1 free!


          Package Deal: Pre-Pay for 6 body areas and receive 2 FREE
30min Consultation FREE
15 min Test Patch $25
15 min Upper lip $60
15 min Eyebrow, middle and top $60
15 min Ears $60
20 min Upper cheeks $65
20 min Chin $65
30 min Jawline $80
30 min Sides of face $80
30 min Neck $80
30 min Upper lip and chin $80
45 min Full face (includes eyebrows) $110
60 min Full face and neck $120
30 min Underarms $80
20 min Navel line $65
30 min Bikini line $80
45 min Bikini extended $110
1 hour Brazilian $159
75 min Lower leg $170
1.5 hours Thighs or 3/4 leg $199
1 hour Thighs (back or front) $120
2 hours Full leg $299
1.5 hours Lower Leg and Bikini or Underarms $220
2.5 hours Full leg and Bikini or Underarms $350
30 min Hands and fingers or toes and feet $80
45 min Chest or Breasts $110
45 min Stomach $110
75 min Full back $170
45 min Shoulders $110
30 min Back of neck $80
90 min Full back and shoulders $220
2 hours Full back, shoulders and back of neck $299
45 min Arms (half incl hands fingers) $110
60 min Arms (full) $120
        Package Deal: Pre-Pay for 4 body areas and get 1 for FREE Individual Price
30 min Consultation FREE
Test Patch $25
15 min Spot area $80
20 min Nose $99
30 min Cheeks $150
45 min Nose and Cheeks $199
45 min Neck $199
60 min Full face (Photo Facial) $299
60 min Decolletee $299
75 min Full face and neck $350
75min Full face and decolletee $350
2 hours Full face, neck and decolletee $399
45 min Back of hands (includes fingers) $199



Electrolysis is a safe and effective method of reducing hair and fine red veins. For hair we use the dual blend technique of direct current and high frequency which destroys the hair follicles. With every treatment hairs become sparser, finer and softer. For fine red veins high frequency current works by cauterising the capillary network allowing you to see visible results immediately.

An initial consultation is necessary to determine if electrolysis is best suited for your concerns. Or if you are a first-time client but have had electrolysis before. We will explain the technology, treatment plan, expected results, aftercare and provide you with a quote.

Electrolysis consultation 15 min complimentary

15 min red vein $55

30 min red vein $95

10 min (minimum charge) $30

15 min $40

20 min $47

30 min $65

45 min $75

1 hour $105



For women and men. We use the very best quality soothing hygienic warm and hot wax. Treat yourself on two areas at one appointment and receive $5 off or three or more areas and receive $10 off. Includes soothing and calming aftercare.


Lower Leg $38

3/4 Leg $53

Full Leg $65

Thighs $43

Back of Thighs $20

Underarms $30

Half Arm Wax $30

Full Arm Wax $50

Bikini Line from $33

Extended Bikini from $50

Brazilian $75

Brazilian Maintenance $60

Having regular Brazilian maintenance means having your wax every 4-6 weeks. The advantages of this is a more comfortable treatment, quicker treatment time and you will save money! We use superior professional quality Adam and Eve hygienic hot wax.

Upper Lip and Chin $35

Upper Lip $23

Chin $23

Sides of Face $25

Full Face Wax (save $25) $60


Facial Areas from $26

Neck and Shoulders $41

Full Back or Chest & Stomach $60

Full Back & Shoulders $81

Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms $119

Full Back, Chest & Stomach $100