I have been a client of  Priya’s since 2009 and have always trusted her to look after my skin. When she told me about her switch to Dermaviduals I placed my skin back in her hands. I had always felt conscious about my large open pores on my cheeks and when she said that the CIT Facial would reduce the pores, I was willing to give it a try.

At the time of having the treatments, I found my skin quite sensitive and a little sore on the forehead but Priya assured me this was normal as there is not a lot of skin on that area. The next few days after the treatment my skin felt quite rough and dry but the classic moisturiser  helped alot and it was fine within a week.

It wasn’t until I completed the course of treatments that Priya showed me the “after photos” that I saw the improvement in the pores. My skin looked clearer and smoother. As part of the aftercare program, Priya recommended I buy the home roller and dermavidual products to maintain the results of the CIT facial. I believe my skin still looks great and it has been over 6 months since I finished the course of CIT treatments. I am pleased I undertook the CIT facials and am happy with the results.