Bestow The Graces Brightening Lotion


Enjoy Brighter Skin in Just 8 Weeks:

The Graces Brightening Lotion visibly lightens and brightens skin within eight weeks. Skin becomes more luminous. Freckles, sun spots and age spots fade in intensity. This lotion also offers a beautiful feast of anti-ageing ingredients.

How to use The Graces Brightening Lotion:

Apply one to two pumps of The Graces Brightening Lotion under your moisturiser, morning and evening. For best results, follow The Graces Skin Brightening Routine.

Specific ingredients and intensive hydration are needed to brighten the complexion.

We have created a hydrating and brightening routine to intensify your results.

A twice-daily routine to brighten and nourish your skin.

No cleansing is necessary in the morning. In the evening cleanse with The Graces Soothing Oil or alternatively use a gentle non foaming cleaner



Immerse Bestow Bathing Cloth in warm water, wring out and press to skin for five deep breaths.  Repeat three times.


Massage one to two pumps of The Graces Brightening Lotion evenly over the whole face.


Immediately massage one pump of The Graces Nourishing Facial Oil into skin to seal in hydration. Alternatively, you can use your usual moisturiser.



The Graces Brightening Lotion will clarify, refine and brighten your skin tone.

What grace can we bestow on pigmented skin?

The Graces Brightening Lotion contains an exciting new blend of plant and marine extracts. This plant therapy helps to reduce pigmentation and brighten the complexion.

Plant therapy:  Bearberry, mulberry, frankincense, seaweed extract, liquorice root, rose-hip oil, argan oil, carrot-seed oil, vitamin C.

Plant Therapy for Skin
Made in New Zealand
No Nasties
Cruelty Free

The Graces Brightening Lotion harnesses plant-power to brighten and refine every complexion, naturally. ~ Janine Tait, Bestow Beauty Founder

Who is it suitable for?

The Graces Brightening Lotion is suitable for everyone. It promotes radiance in normal, healthy skin. It effectively treats pigmentation by reducing its intensity.

The natural plant-based ingredients make it safe and effective for all ages.


The Graces Brightening Lotion addresses multiple skin concerns. It:

  • Brightens and refines skin tone.
  • Reduces long-standing pigmentation.
  • Clarifies and refines lightly pigmented skin.
  • Lightens freckles (safe for teenagers).
  • Promotes youthful looking skin.