Simka delivers skincare that goes deeper, offering real solutions for caring for the skin from within, all while raising the standard for transparency in skincare. SIMKA is invested in being part of solutions, and aligning with causes that prioritise change in all aspects of health and wellbeing. ​

Ethically grown, sourced and processed, Simka Alpha Omega-3’s is a consciously formulated nutritional supplement. Designed to care for your skin and body from the inside out. By effectively delivering DHA and EPA to nourish every part of our skin and body to be strong, resilient and viable.

DHA and EPA is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 that is easily absorbed and bioavailable to every cell and system in our body. DHA and EPA cannot be produced by the body, so it is vital to supplement. As modern-day diets often are lacking in enough DHA.

Features and benefits of Simka Alpha Omega-3’s:

Vegan, gluten, sugar, yeast, heavy metals and soy free.

Supports skin health and helps to reduce acne, lines and wrinkles, dry scaly skin and more

Supports healthy brain function, nervous system, heart disease and immune system.

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