I suffer eczema and  this workshop allowed me to deeply appreciate the “direct relationship” between gut health and skin health and how one cannot be good without the other.  Both Priya and Vandana gave enough science and philosophy in a simple to understand basis.  I highly recommend attending, especially to understand the Ayurvedic view of the 5 elements and how each element plays a unique role in the digestion process.  I’m certainly much more conscious of the timing of my meals as a way to managed my skin health.

Jane Hedley

I met with Danielle , Priya and Nicky at the VIP Dermaviduals skin event last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the process was very quick and simple. It involved having your face taken with a special camera like machine under dark conditions and the photo was loaded straight onto the iPad. Danielle immediately showed you your skin “photo” which was taken under a special light. I was taken aback at how bad my skin looked. Danielle then explained what dermaviduals could do for my skin and a presciption was given of the type of products I needed to correct my skin and a special serum was tailor made also.

I immediately threw out all my existing facial products and started using dermaviduals. I noticed an improvement immediately with my skin, It felt and looked clear, finer. I am looking forward to having the photo done again to compare how much it has improved.

Elaynor Wong