Priya convinced me to try electrolysis to remove post menopause facial hair. I was reluctant to have this again as I found it quite painful last time I tried it and expensive. I had been having it waxed in the interim. Anyway I agreed to try it again. Priya started electrolysis in March last year. I went for half hourly treatments every week to start then every one to three weeks. Great results!!!! I am so happy that I let Priya talk me round. So much better moving forward. Highly recommend Samsara Medispa and in particular Priya.


Today I had a taste of heaven. I can’t begin to put into words how divine it was having an Ayurvedic Facelift Facial from Priya at Samsara Medispa. This girl has magic hands and the facial was beyond bliss. I left feeling amazing, with my skin ridiculously soft and glowing. What an incredible treat! Thank you so much Priya. You are an angel and your treatments are pure bliss.


I suffer eczema and  this workshop allowed me to deeply appreciate the “direct relationship” between gut health and skin health and how one cannot be good without the other.  Both Priya and Vandana gave enough science and philosophy in a simple to understand basis.  I highly recommend attending, especially to understand the Ayurvedic view of the 5 elements and how each element plays a unique role in the digestion process.  I’m certainly much more conscious of the timing of my meals as a way to managed my skin health.

Jane Hedley

I have been a client of  Priya’s since 2009 and have always trusted her to look after my skin. When she told me about her switch to Dermaviduals I placed my skin back in her hands. I had always felt conscious about my large open pores on my cheeks and when she said that the CIT Facial would reduce the pores, I was willing to give it a try.

At the time of having the treatments, I found my skin quite sensitive and a little sore on the forehead but Priya assured me this was normal as there is not a lot of skin on that area. The next few days after the treatment my skin felt quite rough and dry but the classic moisturiser  helped alot and it was fine within a week.

It wasn’t until I completed the course of treatments that Priya showed me the “after photos” that I saw the improvement in the pores. My skin looked clearer and smoother. As part of the aftercare program, Priya recommended I buy the home roller and dermavidual products to maintain the results of the CIT facial. I believe my skin still looks great and it has been over 6 months since I finished the course of CIT treatments. I am pleased I undertook the CIT facials and am happy with the results.

Elaynor Wong

I met with Danielle , Priya and Nicky at the VIP Dermaviduals skin event last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the process was very quick and simple. It involved having your face taken with a special camera like machine under dark conditions and the photo was loaded straight onto the iPad. Danielle immediately showed you your skin “photo” which was taken under a special light. I was taken aback at how bad my skin looked. Danielle then explained what dermaviduals could do for my skin and a presciption was given of the type of products I needed to correct my skin and a special serum was tailor made also.

I immediately threw out all my existing facial products and started using dermaviduals. I noticed an improvement immediately with my skin, It felt and looked clear, finer. I am looking forward to having the photo done again to compare how much it has improved.

Elaynor Wong

All I can say is since using the Dermavidual skin care range my skin looks and feels wonderful. The products aren’t heavy on your skin. You know you are putting natural products on your skin and they really will have long term benefits.

Danielle was very knowledgeable and made me feel she had the best intention of making sure I was using the right products for my skin type. Looking at my skin through the machine was amazing.

Also am having IPL at the moment and it really works! Thoroughly recommend it.

Come along to the next VIP event – you won’t be disappointed.

Sue Bowden

Had the most blissful massage and facial on the weekend at Samsara Medispa and still enjoying the benefits, my skin feels so wonderful! Thank you so much wonderful Priya. Am 10 years younger at least! Haha — feeling fabulous.

Sarah Macpherson

I have been having treatment from Priya for over a year. I am delightfully recommending her services. She certainly gives her client her whole attention and ensures their comfort. I have had regular luxury spa pedicures and the fantastic foot and leg massage is blissful. My feet look, as well as feel wonderful. I have also had an oil massage for my scalp which was also great.

Lorna Speight

I have been to two VIP Skin Events where I’ve had images on the Observ analysis machine. I can’t believe how much my face has already improved. The changes I can certainly visibly see are the reduction in pigmentation and laugh lines.

I now have an understanding that great skin care can really benefit all layers of skin on my face as well as my neck. I am slowly but surely getting results as I have had numerous people comment on how wonderful my skin is looking.

Danielle was amazing. She helped me to understand some of the “unseen” issues I had with my skin as well as exactly what I need to rectify these.

Im so pleased that Priya has got me on track to stay looking great for longer. It’s been a pleasure watching these changes in my appearance and I certainly look forward to seeing the next lot of changes.

Highly recommend coming along for this VIP skin event.

Judith Cheyne

If you haven’t experienced the Pure Bliss Facial your missing out. I have had many great session around the world on my travels but this is by far one of the most amazing treatments ever. Thank you Priya.

Marilyn Whall